Welcome to Haiti Back to Life Outreach

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A picture of a group of smiling children.Back to Life (BTL) is a program in one of the poorest countries in the world and THE MOST impoverished nation in North America. Back to Life Ministries has a vision to transform a community for the Kingdom of God by rescuing and protecting children from slavery. The children are poor, hungry (many times literally - starving) and many will be given into slavery, which is socially acceptable. Desperate parents often give up one or two children because they simply cannot feed them. They know that the family they give them to, though they may treat them poorly, will at least feed them. If one or more children in a family are given into slavery, the thoughts of the parents are that the rest of the family may have money for food. Slavery is full of abuse, neglect and work that will harm and forever change those children. Many of the children never see their families ever again.


Back to Life Ministries and Back to Life Outreach

At present there are two sister ministries. Pastors Thimothee Guerrier  and Joseph "Nahum" Bledney are working to bring their vision to the children of Haiti. They are concentrating on two areas of the island. The project first started in Port-au-Prince in 2000 but relocated to the small village of Mirebalais - which is approximately 40 miles northeast of Port-au-Prince.

Back to Life Ministries (BTLM) is located in Mirebalais, Haiti with Gilbert Christian Church. Back to Life moved to Mirebalais because of a great need that arose there and to partner with Nahum who was starting Gilbert Christian Church. This ministry now includes a well established church, school and community outreach. For additional information visit Back to Life Ministries.

Back to Life Outreach (BTLO) is located in Port-au-Prince. It has been recently started in the community of Bon Repos across the street from the World Vision Refugee Camp, which was built after the devastating earthquake in 2010. Pastor Thimothee and his family started this ministry to feed, educate and disciple children from out of their own home. BTLO is partners with New Heart Community Church in California.